Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Pastor's Jorney On Homosexuality

Someone passed me a mainstream church pastor's letter and I received permission to put it up here. In the light of the uncompassionate, unChristlike and unChristian behaviour of the two pastors mentioned in the media, it is refreshing to see this letter from another pastor whose words reflect the spirit of Christ. See the letter below.


A Pastor’s Journey……..

Thank you for asking for my views about our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. 

I have thought and prayed about this a long time. I have changed my views over the years. I try to keep an open heart and mind going forward realizing that I am still learning and that I may be wrong. Here is where I am right now.

I don’t believe that people choose to be gay or lesbian. 

I believe that is the orientation that people bring with them into the world. Because of that I believe that God has created them that way. What God creates is good. It is not my way but my way is not the only way. What follows from that for me is that although I do not understand their orientation I do not condemn it.

I believe that sexuality, heterosexuality or homosexuality, is a gift from God and must be lived responsibly. Promiscuity or infidelity is an abuse of the gift. Abuse, manipulation or compulsion involving anyone who is not able to make a free and adult choice is wrong, gay or straight.

I know gays and lesbians whose Christian life inspires me. I cannot condemn them to live a life without the loving companionship of people who share their orientation. All human beings need and deserve love while we draw breath.

I am aware of the biblical teaching. But I also remember that our understanding of the Scriptures has changed over the centuries as most of us do not take St Paul literally about women and slaves. Perhaps we are also growing in our understanding of sexuality.

And, then, there is what I deeply feel is the Spirit of Jesus and the universal love which He showed us was the heart of God. I cannot picture Jesus condemning loving and faithful human relationships. I may be wrong but I would rather face Jesus at the day of judgement explaining how I offered love rather than explain how I denied it.

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